The Boiling Cauldron of Wishes




A cup of ghee

A frog’s left knee

Peel off a newt

Throw in a bandicoot

Pour in some wine

And a dying swine

A raven’s claw

A coyote’s paw

Grate some cheese

Shred some geese

The sun’s last ray

On an eclipse day

A mosquito

A black cat’s toe

A turkey’s crown

Fried golden brown

An ugly duckling

A lost penguin

A jelly fish

A man’s last wish

Cold salamander

Rotten coriander

A cougar’s tooth

A curse uncouth

Stir and whip

And dribble and drip

On a cloudless sky

When the moon is high

Serve this dish

With uncooked fish

He who eats this

Will have eternal bliss

And you can make him

Dance to your whim

Now let us see

You chant with me

Hubble- a- bubble- a- boo


Now that is some voodoo!!!


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