A Tribute to Ma on her 50th Bday



She looks delicate as 

a flower, but she’s 

got the power, to move

mountains for her child.

She puts up with every

strife and will even

take your life, should you

harm her child. 

She teaches her little 

one, lessons of life and 

fun, reliving her childhood

in the eyes of her

daughter or son. 

She’s a girl, she’s a 

woman, she’s a daughter

she’s a wife, but more

importantly, she’s a 

mother to whom her

children are her life.


Happy Birthday Ma. I love you and hope to live by the example your life has set for me. 


24 thoughts on “A Tribute to Ma on her 50th Bday

  1. Oh my God! Thank you for giving me such a wonderful daughter. Nithu you made my birthday so special. Nothing matters to me any more. What a beautiful poem, do I really deserve all that? It is you who taught me so many things, tolerance, patience, love, to let go of trivial things, to love myself….. I have to still learn a lot from you Nithya, Thank you for all those wonderful gifts you have been sending right from the start of this month. So very thoughtful….. and this collage, just great! What a nice feeling to have a child who makes the mother feel soooooo important and special. I am the most lucky woman! I don’t want to ask anything more from God. I pray Almighty to give you all the happiness and you will surely experience the same feeling that I am undergoing now….. feeling at the top of the world and I have found the true meaning to my life now. Thank you Nithya. I love you lots lots and lots

  2. Awesome, Lovely dedication to mom niths 🙂 ❤ Mom, Wish you a very happy birthday in advance. Love you mom and thanks for Bringing niths to us us who is a wonderful person, friend, sis to all of us. 🙂 ❤

  3. Mothers are the worst form of unsung herpes aren’t they? We hold them close during our childhood but, then we grow distant and suddenly one day they are gone. I hope you would have memories you cherish with her.
    I love the poem itself, it is well constructed and the verse does appeal to me. 🙂

  4. Wow! How beautifully written, Nithu. Little did we realize that the beautiful little baby we played with all the time will blossom into this fine young woman with such lovely heart. Admire everything that you do. Love you both and a Big Happy 50th to Nalini, my sweetest ever friend.

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