if love was a bed of roses I’d lie on it forever If love was a magic carpet I’d fly on it forever If love was a breath of fresh air I’d breathe it forever If love was sacrifices I’d bequeath my world forever If love was a beautiful poem I’d recite it forever If […]

Take me back to yesterday

You are so far away It all seems like yesterday   No one to cook for No one to eat with No one to look for No one to sleep with No one to fulfil my day It all seems like yesterday   No laughter no music No footsteps no voices Not even the tiniest […]

Colors of Monday

  Pink, Yellow, Brown, Green and White My garden dances in sunlight Mild breeze makes the trees sway Wind chimes sing in tune to the glorious day Birds peck at the fallen fruits and seeds Violet flowers smile from between the weeds A dog treads in to roll in the grass Butterflies flit gaily amongst […]

A Tribute to Ma on her 50th Bday

  She looks delicate as  a flower, but she’s  got the power, to move mountains for her child. She puts up with every strife and will even take your life, should you harm her child.  She teaches her little  one, lessons of life and  fun, reliving her childhood in the eyes of her daughter or […]

The Boiling Cauldron of Wishes

    A cup of ghee A frog’s left knee Peel off a newt Throw in a bandicoot Pour in some wine And a dying swine A raven’s claw A coyote’s paw Grate some cheese Shred some geese The sun’s last ray On an eclipse day A mosquito A black cat’s toe A turkey’s crown […]


What makes you dance in such  frenzy? What does the third eye see? What makes the hills tremble at your feet? Why the tiger skin as your seat? The serpent on your neck, your wife at your side The trident, the drum and the bull that you ride Crescent moon and the Ganga adorn matted […]


As walls cave in and fear grips in You can’t run you can’t hide And shadows are chasin From every side! You turn left you turn right You have no one alone you fight! No matter where you go Invisible eyes follow Cold foggy hands Grapple your throat Leaving you hollow! You are surrounded by […]

The Facade

  What is the facade you’ve painted dear painter Why are the doors shut tight? Is there deep darkness within those doors Or is there dancing sunlight? Do we hear laughter and joy inside Or is it just empty silence? Does peace exist within those walls Or does it have traces of violence? Who lives […]